Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Andy just sent me this.
A sweet Masi Pista yo! Belongs to Howy
[co-owner of] AMBUSH. Check details on PM.

He mentioned Howy when I was there but
I didn't get a chance to meet him. Ok maybe I did before
but I just can't recall. Sorry dude but I'll remember the next time
but don't bitch me if I remember your bike more. Haha...

Thanks Andy and get your ride soon, hopefully.



vJ said...

dude... Howy owns that rad cyan-aquamarine deRosa you saw in the shop la! thats his other bike .. the masi pista he bought off ebay.. hehe small world eh

® said...

ah YES! now i remember. I mentioned you guys and that turquoise De Rosa to Andy. Can't get it straight dude, been driving non-stop back to home and feeling all weak and to top it off with my injured foot... shux i'm off.

howy said...

yo bro.. sorry didn't get to see you, but i am very sure we will get to meet someday either at ambush or TR Bikes. Andy mentioned about you last night. Let's hangout when you are here again.. maybe with Andy at TR. He needs to get some wheels... peace man!