Friday, 15 February 2008


Upgraded the stem to this. Darn my shaky hands.
Looks great from afar. Maybe I should get a proper lining pen.
Anyone knows where to get those? I'll try ebay first...

Welcome snake wrap.

counting the days for that Jackson frame.
I guess my bad boy will have to wait for awhile or should I just let it go?
Well if I ever decide to, I promise to post it up [few have been asking already]

I dug deep for that frame. And for a reason too. So I'll take some time to think
about it and at this very meantime I'm also very close to achieving
If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about... it's on the top right page
under 'Do You Own'. Hit a button, or maybe two, heck hit all if you're indecisive.

Also I'll be doing my lone-pitiful 'Saturday-Roll'em' ride. Woo-hoo!
I've acknowledge the fact [more like accepting it haha] that riding alone
is quite enjoyable and time is really on your side. No waiting for fellas and etc.
Anyways who else will be riding with me?
[to those who have just visited this blog for the first time or have missed out
some humble facts, I am a lone rider because there aren't any, ready or
I know of riders yet] Not because I've got sore-a** attitude.
I'm seriously a likeable bloke ;) yea right!]

Hassle-free ride unless I get a 'hissssssssssssssssssssssss......
It's the weekend dudes.



Anonymous said...

stop teasing with these detaisl, i wanna see a full side-profile of your bike! i think i haven't seen it, yet, or my memory is gaping with holes.

i hope i didn't read right, let the ciocc go? no way, crazy fella. i'm dying to get one of these some day.

Anonymous said...

yes, i mean, it's there on the right side, but i want it biiiiig!

heads up on being a lone-rider. i know how it feels, at the moment. gotta kick my pals in the butt to finish their bikes, and do more rides together.

® said...

Hey Alex, how's it going? LoL yes i was a lil' crazy to think of letting that ciocc go. Well i'm not now. It's too sentimental...
haha... and thank god they didn't steal that frame. phew...

as for the biiiing... i'll post it soon. i promise [three finger scout hand sign] as soon as i dig those pics out.

...and thanks for the heads up for being a lone ridah! still!

...and i really like your biike man! it's a hot blue b****! hehe