Thursday, 14 February 2008


My first day back to work after a good break.
And already I feel tired. BUT! this dude made my day.
Yes y'all know him! The guy who owns, god knows how many
nice bikes and into vintage ones too. [Thanks man!]
Some grreat news. Read on...

With any luck these'll show up in about a month or two.

Then I'll have some pretty pics for all ya'll.
Until then here's what's we ordered:

All frames will be made from Reynolds 631,

have Dimpled ST's, Paul Dropouts and a Drilled front fork.
As for geometry, these will all have a more aggressive track stance.
Kinda like these...

50cm ST, 51cmTT
Creamy White frame w/Chocolate Brown panels and lug lining

51cm ST, 51.5 TT
Chocolate Brown frame with Creamy White panels and lug lining

52ct ST, 53cmTT
Matte Black with Hot Pink panels and lug lining
[Try to keep yer hands OFF on this ONE peeps!!! or we might end up like this]

54cm ST, 55cm TT

Metallic Purple with Electric Green panels and lug lining

56cm ST, 56cm TT
Light British Racing Green w/Cream panels and Light Blue lug lining
(kinda like my Bilenky minus it's curly brass-ness)

57cm ST, 56.5cm TT

Matte Dark Grey with Matte Red head panel and Dark Blue lug lining

So I am now deciding either

or this

Shipping will be massive this time as I'm thinking of requesting
for courier instead of USPS but I think I'd rather table more to save me
from the customs and their unreasonable delays
[can take up 2 months due to my experience on my current frame ]
and tax which will end up pretty much the same, if not more.


Bob Jackson frames info from CWMD.


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