Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Ok these frames are for sale...wait... SALE!
Here are some from Alan. Anyone who wants
these sweet English steel... dig here.

and I personally like this dull grey one. *hint* *hint*
It will be a challenge to find a proper secondary colour
to suit it without destroying the frame colour. I don't think
you'd want your parts to overshadow your classic frame right?
So no trashy colours hehe... nah it's your choice.
Anyways, I reckon a full-on matte black wheels for a start?

Maybe Andy will be able to fit this one... check 'em out?
Nice colour too.

Go with these frames. Seriously. Once it's fixed, meet your
mates up for a cuppa.



CyclingWMD said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuude! Thanks for posting those! I saw your comment on my recent Jackson post. I was busy at work and spaced on calling to check in with my boy about what sizes color combo's he ordered. I know he ordered 5 new frames. All with my personal color combo choices along with a more aggressive track geometry. I'm pretty sure there's an all matte black in there in a 52cm. Anyways, I'll be sure to check in with him next chance I get...

® said...

!!! Matte black Bob Jackson with a touch of trrrack aggressive geo!!!
Dude i'm having a rush just hearing that... 52-53 is fine by me. The grey one too is hot... so hard to resist those frames...

Btw, it's my pleasure to post those. I actually have forgotten you've those all these while...duh!