Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Here's what I have... just cop'd this. It was left unwanted
and hanging with a bunch of spoilt & unwanted frames.
Track bikes was 'in' say during the 80's to maybe early 90's
but it has over taken by MTBs. Who's complaining?
The shop owner have not a damnest clue at all. I even argued with him
that it comes with a 650 as this was built in the late 80's - early 90's.
[1990/91 i think] when pursuit was still legal on 650/700?

So I finally experienced going through and searching for NOS parts.
Literally. Went through 2 boxes of forks. From Italian to unbranded forks.
Steel to carbon. Cromoly to rust! Sorry no pics to show you guys
as I was so caught up with the whole process in the back room.

Anyways, this was my first option before I decided for Soma Delancey.
Finally it has become my second set up but will soon be my first bike.
I will take my precious time to build this beauty.
Let's say 6 - 8 months? maybe more. [ I've got bills to pay guys :) ]

As for the fork, if all things fail I will go custom.
The one you see on the pic is not the original but also a Ciocc...
damn can't remember the name... cromoly 700c definitely.

Like they always say... "My lost is your gain"
This is my reply... " Hell yea'!!!"

And finally mine...

Hope to update soon.


Got a reply from Stephen, Bilenky.
Yes they can custom a fork for me,
they accept international orders
but it's kinda steep... $250 + finishing [paint or plated]
shipping not included yet.
But he did mention that he will be checking some
Vitus 650s fork.

Hopeful for choices.

p/s: Thanks! Alan for the hook up.


CyclingWMD said...

VERY nice man! You def have to go with a proper fork for that bad boy. Get a custom one if you have to. Prob run you like $200-300ish but it'll be worth it. It's a 650c right? I'll keep an eye out for ya. BTW, what shop did you find that gem at?

® said...

Hey Dude. How has it been?

Haha it is a gem indeed. Got it from this local bike shop that's filled with MTB enthusiast and modern roadies. The pix that i posted before are from the same shop... the yellow LOOK frame too. I don't know if they have a website but i'll check soon.

My good pal Eric said the same. Keep it 650. Haha i like that term - bad boy.

Oh any builder[s] you'd like to recommend for the fork?

Btw, i measured the LOOK T/T it is 54 actual but it looks really big though for a 54. Will check again on my next fork digging trip. Maybe you'll be in luck :)

[e] said...

700c though :S

CyclingWMD said...

Hey man, Yeah, those frames are super HOTT! But they all look too small for me. I ride 56cm CTC ST and TT sized frames. Hope you find an appropriate chrome fork for that thing. If you want a custom one, I would say to find someone local-ish to make it so you don't have to pay for shipping as well. Regardless, make sure that shit shines! Gotta match those nice chrome rear stays proper like...

® said...

>alan >
haha it'll shine for sure... my only choice is get them overseas and to pay for shipping. to get it done here is not an option for me dude. there's none here at all.

>[e]> argh 700 again! keep it coming keep it coming bro... keep me updated pls. thanks for the link! will do the same for your frame :) purshuuu...

CyclingWMD said...

Yo man, I know for a fact that the Bilenky Boys would do a hella nice job for you. Prob be like $150ish for the fork + whatever for shipping. Give em' a shout for an estimate...

® said...

thanks dude. thanks...