Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Freshly painted on the streets. When I saw the guy
shaking the spray paint like a volcano about to erupt,
I made a run across the street and pulled out my camera.
But he was faster than I was. Obviously.
He disappeared in the crowd and to my suspicion
[or maybe his as well] thought I was some kinda freak or
maybe some journalist trying to catch him red handed
for destroying government property.

Well I was trying to snap him in action for a good purpose.
As you can see, there are marks of paint on the floor. Wet!
Too bad that I couldn't ask him if the colourway was inspired
by a Bianchi Concept?

A Phoenix with new blue coat. Awesome.

Pops on wheels. You can see them everywhere in HK.
Run down and worn but still pedalling.
I personally feel HK streets is nice for riding.

And this is my favourite snap of the Phoenix.

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