Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Bubble gum Aeros by No Brakes. Too bad I don't have
a bike that's suitable for aeros. But I prefer a HED anytime
over these. Speaking about HED, ID got his killed recently

He's ok and yes! It's obvious he got over it pretty quick.
Check this wicked Mark Nobilette set up of his... whoa!!!

[e]! How's yours progressing? Go get a can and do some good to it.
Get it all yellow like this. Also will we be seeing that Bob Jackson soon
and what about that Nagasawa? And hopefully very soon we will
too be seeing a chrome fork ? Did I say a chrome fork? Now that is
something I'd like to know too. Very soon...



ganrin said...

I want Toray trispoke or HED deep rim wheel. stinger or like that.
but Toray is really difficult to find, that good condition one.

® said...

they're hot but no more in production sadly. can you get them in japan still?

[e] said...


It will bro, let me settle down a bit. Hectic month as you may know why :)

® said...

BNN BRO!!!! BNN!!!

ganrin said...

I don't know.
I have to ask to a shop that they don't know about street fixed gear culture.

® said...

no worries ganrin.