Monday, 10 March 2008


The weather is so unpredictable nowadays.
Don't be deceived by it. Just yesterday I was out for my usual weekend ride.
The weather was bright and was a bit hot too but that's fine by me
and after approx. 20 mins. it turned grey. Without giving much a damn about it
[the weather] and without warning, [eg: drizzle and etc besides the grey clouds
which is pretty usual the next step will be light drizzle before the heavy stuff
comes dropping] SPLASH!!! I do mean SPLASH!!! I was caught in the middle
of nowhere and with no shelter to be found. I was well wet to my ass and heck
I thought to myself since I am all drenched why stop? Yea right call dude!
Fuh'ing smart call turned out to be a dumb-ass decision.
It was one difficult ride I must say... I could hardly see a damn thing in front
with drops against my face and all i can hear was millions of raindrops,
tremendously loud thunder claps and saw few ass whipping lightnings instead
Not until riding for sometime I stopped and rested under a flyover.
At least I thought I was safe from acid-peels on my face.
[quite freaky too and thank god no lighting caught my ass]
While waiting and not doing anything besides on my bike waiting to sprint
when that time comes, another blow to my face. Or nuts so to speak.
I was caught in this really strong wind and man... I have never,
for the longest time felt so cold 'til my nuts about to drop off.
I waited for an hour half 'til it was reasonable and visible enough for me
to pedal back home for a nice warm shower and a cup of coffee. Ahh...

My conclusion before my next ride is, whatever the weather condition
at that very moment before I pedal off I've to pack my stuffs as if it was
a ride for survival.

Funnily I did somewhat enjoyed it. Haha... Also a good reason to get THIS!

p/s: Is everyone facing a server error to load pics up? I am...


[e] said...

Now tht's a good training. Time for your arse over here and ride with me in this horrible English weather.

hahaha. No excuse is good enough for not getting one of the Rapha jacket.

® said...

ahh... at least someone's agreeable to that jacket. man! i ain't gonna get my ass in that frozen weather. i'd rather go when the birds are out in the sun... colourful robins splashing and chirping in bird bath you reckon? hahaha colourful slim english birds that is.