Thursday, 6 March 2008


I'm all stoked for my Enemy but the excitement didn't
come smoothly without me going through a dilemma.
I was thinking of a sexy italian [all parts if possible]
with mostly chrome/silver pieces and some red.
The other a spanking all red bike, which will be,
of course mostly japanese anodized parts.
After some consideration [not the first time tho]
to have japanese on italian ain't that sweet after all.
No disregard to japanese parts, bikes and the builders.
They're good.

But know what? I'll do her like this. Won't go wrong...

Some stuffs that I can pretty much get now...

and I saw these sweet pink too... for something else...

I will be needing some painkillers due to the exchange rate.


Coming up: Latest update from }i{ on his Bob Jackson soon.


[e] said...

mama miyaaa

Bout time to work on the bad boy. Get it done by end of june. I want to ride her :P

}i{ said...

Yo that enemy frame looks hot! I got the campag pista crankset too - looks even better in reality. Saw some gorgeous anodised sugino cranksets at cavendish cycles (little store close to work) today though - tempting!

® said...

[e] - june huh? i doubt so bro even though i'd have liked it that way and to ride with you but it's massive for a short period. anyways don't think you have much time back here right?

}i{ - Thanks man. But i really think Monica Bellucci is hotter!mm-hmm! HaHa. What was the damage for the campag record? I found loads of anodised parts from japan but like i said don't think i'll feel good with mixing them but i will def. get some anodized nuts and bolts.

dudes, any hook-ups for a used-mint-cond. 650c zipp clincher over there? saw few on the bay... woo-wee the price was well hott! only if i earn in $ or £... sucka...