Monday, 31 March 2008


A vintage Colnago and a new rider, Ben.
I hope to have the time to assist as much
and take this as my pet project.

Hopefully it'll turn out to be a real classic steed
and hope to post some progress.
It's lugged by the way.



[e] said...

nice one. no more lonely night, lonely ride ® :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

of the bike please... ;^D

[e] said...

you perv :D

® said...

ID: no new pics. sorry. but that frame would be the last one posted sometime ago:

Anonymous said...

if its the blue colnago i am not feeling it 100% but it is slick.
powder coated light blue. its about a early 70s nago pista. either way its a nago and its sweet!

® said...

it's a duller celeste actually.
yea some idiot who has no bloody clue and appreciation towards classic or vintage recoated it and chuck it back. wasted, imo. i saw the original coat before it was killed.

but it can be revived to its glory :)

btw, i saw your new bikes/frames etc.

ben said...

yee-ha! cant wait!