Sunday, 23 December 2007



Too bad this comes only in 1". Boo.
Threadless comes with dumb designs and most are
awful looking too.
Any recommendations lugged 1 1/8 threadless?
I'm stuck with 1 1/8 but at least these lugged ones looks pretty decent.

Fits both 1 or 1 1/8 but customs

White one... soma, selle or any other reasonable priced saddles

Double-strap any brands

Black rear
A trip down to TRBikes hopefully after X'mas.


and what else...


Anonymous said...

"and what else..."

what kind a handlebars, cranks and pedals are you thinking about?

® said...

the stuff posted are for my current bike but i am preparing for a major scoop session sometime feb-march for that bad boy Ciocc. And of course what can I do if i don't have a 650 fork... another bummer.
I'll be looking into a mixture of classic/modern set up. Let's see what I can find. Wanna hook me up with sumfin'- sumfin'?

Meanwhile I can only dream of that Bianchi... can't be too greedy right?

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing that bad boy finsihed! - hm, nope, no recommendations, i come here to find them. hehe! merry holidaystuff and all!