Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Received updates from Benny [GM of The Bike Boutique]
[where i got to know vJ at TBB Singapore]
Anyways, KL doors opening soon.
Something stored for us? HED3 carbons maybe? I'm super stoked
but hope it won't be full fledge MTB skewed. Fingers X.
Some Pista parts for us, the fixie-minority? We'll find out soon.
Thanks Benny for your emails.

At the meantime we have a slight delay on the 'pixels-cotton' project
we're working on. Hope we can hit it out soon...

More updates coming soon from [e] London.


From Benny [dig the bold line in between]

We carry the same products as singapore
and the bike boutique online under the franchise,
there will be a huge range of HED products
available in the store, so there might be a wait till
just before christmas, we will keep you updated
when the store is open, thanks
Benny - General Manager


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