Thursday, 20 December 2007


Received an email today from Jonathan through Flickr!
Def. a surprise! [as my flickr account is so inactive with
only a comment from this mysterious girl call jedd_flores
which I can't get to see her pics. Actually how she's like ;)

Anyways enough of my single-comment-mysterious-girl.
Back to biz and some brief intro:
Jonathan is the co-owner of NO BRAKES - Atlanta's Track Bike Boutique.
Do check them out not only for bike stuff.
They have a section on music too tagged as No Breaks Distro.
F'in' cool for a bike store huh?
Oh btw, No Breaks Distro rocks vinyls man!!!
You heard me vinyls!!! Vinyls are like classic frames :)

Now my only wish is that I'm over there riding and breaking in some tunes
at the boutique. Awesome... again I'll ask "Do you serve coffee?"
Bikes,music and coffee? How can anyone ignore that!!?

Keep us posted on NB. You know how to get me :)


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