Thursday, 6 December 2007


There are only two Pegoretti distributors in Asia.
One in Japan and the other is here in Malaysia.
I have always wanted to pay them a visit [for my first bike]
but there's always something stopping me. Whatever it is.
And it is difficult to get through them via the phone.
No one bothers to pick up or either just very busy?
Not until last night "daft punk" told me what and who
they are, whatever it may be this time I will make the
effort to go and pay them a visit to check out what's in stock.
Doubt I can own one. Heard they're super $$$!!
Well only time will tell...

The one above is Luigino Pista and some of the road ones are... just as nice.
Bear with some of their real-loud-in-yer-face graphics on some bikes...
and I am liking those crankset... campy?



-vJ said...

and of all the bikes u chosed the pista!! my gawd that one cannot own for pple like us hahaha -"daft punk"

® said...

on the 12th day of x'mas my true love sent to me? lol

vJ said...

hmmm yeah u got a point... now which gf shall i ask ..

® said...

all of them! :)