Saturday, 15 December 2007


So far only found them in Japan Yahoo and it's too much for a pair.
They are also single colour I found on other sites but this I'm feelin'
It's a retro classic. Very similar to Dogtown's colourway maybe
that's the reason they're going for more?

Any lead for this particular pair? US10.
Saw others on ebay but they are too messy and filled with graphics.
If you skated or BMX'd in the 80's you know where I'm coming from...


Update: damn these are limited. the tag has Van Doren California.
I give up... why can't things stay simple like it used to be? #$%^&* hell! >:(


CyclingWMD said...

Hehe, yeah vintage style vans can be a real pain to find man. My first pair of skate shoes were their black high tops with the white stripe. The ollie patch sucked though! I used to shoe goo pieces of rubber onto them that I'd find on the side of the highway. Anything to make them last longer...

FixiePixie said...

dude, i see this in HK!!

® said...


danger joel said...

you can get these in slam city skates in the uk for about £30 $60, im not sure how much shipping would cost but they arnt rare over here in the uk, iv got a mashed up pair in front of me now.