Monday, 18 August 2008

This year's must have wheels?


Didn't realise they exist until Jon pointed out to me. One of the deepest non-carbon rim in the market - 42mm deep!!

Unfortunately, Brick Lane Bikes is the only place stocks them. For those who don't mind their arrogance, you can get them here for non machine also known as True V Formation Face £47 and machined surface for £44.

comes in 700c + 650c. 
Black anodised / Gold anodised / Silver anodised / Powdercoat White


ganrin said...

I just panned to buy a black deep rim for my front wheel.
I really want this.


® said...

finally it's posted... thanks to the real authentic [E]. Not the others. :)

ganrin, go buy all of it, trash it and let us know how good are they? ;) Hehe... buy buy buy

ganrin said...

yeah, i will get 650 for bar spinnnning!!

Chocobot said...

Wait, the machined rim is cheaper than the non machined rim? Oh god...