Thursday, 28 August 2008


How can I not post this? Besides this handsomely crafted metal piece is
ridiculously fast
[watch it] but it is the paint-free exterior on this BV 'Pur Sang'
that caught my attention. And ofcourse, again, it is ridiculously fast.
[it's the same vid on tube but watch it again]

The Pur Sang's [literally "pure blood" or thoroughbred"] elegant,
polished-aluminium-and-carbon-fiber-body is offered up au naturel.
Aah see... cars ain't that bad after all and this post is definitely
linked to bikes as a comparison of its natural outlook. See? See!? HA!

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Leave the Herm├Ęs-branded version of the world's fastest
and priciest production car to the label whores.


ganrin said...

Bugatti is incredibly expensive.
i like audi RS6 avant 580ps.
the world fastest station wagon!
i know it's so expensive too.

the friend of mine drive new C65 AMG....

Anonymous said...

if his infernal majesty should be able to choose a car, i bet he'd take that on in pitchblack. it's evil. the tires last 15 minutes in full speed. thoght we use our rubber quickly... lol.

® said...

ah...the RS6 wagon is something. I too like station wagons or hatchbacks. Would love to have a BMW M5 Touring. But we all know what price we have to pay :(

Back to Veyron, yea the tires last 15 but the fuel down in 12mins! Haha. I'm sure it'll fly if wings were attached... it's super expensive, super fast, super etc but where to drive this and hit top speed? hmm that's a big problem... haha

Anonymous said...


CARBON BABIE - Wherez the HED label?


® said...

HED label. HAHAHA I like that.