Thursday, 14 August 2008


Click the pics for a closer look.

Alright I added the Tamiya logo.
It got me wondering
for a moment at a glance and I really thought that they were toys.
I was so excited for a second and was ready to pounce a set on the bay
or something. But after some infos, they're actually real.
The moments were captured with a technique using a tilt and shift lens by Joel Saget.
I'm not sure how it works and if it's a new trick but in terms of its output,
it's definitely fresh for this sport. Or even any shots.

Tumbled pics above while getting infos for TDF.
More photographers posted here sometime back.

Who's good at photography? Explanation please? Alan?



[e] said...

Very interesting. Spare us more info.

Anonymous said...

usually you do that with photoshop, just fuzzing around with the perceived depth of field. a very small depth of field usually means it's a makro-shot. if you combine a couple of well done masks, a blurfilter and an somewhat arial shot of anything big, you can that shot turn it into something seemingly tiny, just by adding the blur. flickr should have tons of photosets, just like hdr, it's just for fun. i don't know a specific term for it, since it isn't a real photography-technique. well, at least i hadn't heard about that lens befre. here's what google spit out for me:

but there's more. :)

® said...

i'm eager to find out more too. it's very interesting this tilt/shift technique. more reasons to get a proper camera?

thanks for that link Alex.
I'm gonna have a busy weekend. Been planning to snap some nice soup'd up japanese cars at this weekly drift competition. Crazy turbo chargers. The smell and sound of tyres on tar is pure ecstasy. Maybe I'll video them too...

[E], we'll drop by there when back. It's near home bro.