Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Beside the Polish women's volleyball team got curves.
This one's too. Seen here in action.
Pardon me NOT them riders. The frame! The frame! Focus...

And did the defense dept. got into designing this bike?
Stealth-like-bitch-razor-frame. Bet it can slice the rider in half.

We like!

-Rich & Eric-

Oh btw, if only road frames are, as almost, simple as the one below.
Then life will be so much simpler without the gazillion loud decals.
Minimal branding is okay [see above pics] not massive tho.
We are not blind but maybe with it, we will be.
And oh does those trillion massive decals serves a purpose besides
the obvious logo slapping/ part of a bad excuse a client would force fit into
the design brief just to think it is right etc etc? Well I don't know but if there are any
purposes, [eg: high visibility without looking like a bitch logo/brand slapping thingy
or it's some wonderful design language created by hell knows who]

than I think I will have to force myself to accept it but still think it can be better.
Definitely. Anyways, just asking... don't get offended my fellow riders.
It's the companies I blame not the consumers.


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