Sunday, 13 July 2008


Just spent the morning removing the decals on my Bob Jackson and thought it worth sharing the experience, you'll see why!

Attempt 1:

Method: fingernails/various scraper type instruments/white spirit (yes, white spirit - i am an ass!)

Time taken: 30mins
Result: horrible mess, some apparently permanent paint damage :-(

Back to the drawing board, time to search online for some tips (thank you londonfgss). So...

Attempt 2:

Method: Heating up area with transfer with hairdryer and simply peeling off in one go.

Time taken: 5mins
Result: pretty much perfect

The moral of the story kids? If you got the urge to remove some transfers, please get a hairdryer.


® said...

damn man... that's heartbreaking and i hate to say it but yes, tsk, you're an ass! what were you thinking?

anyways are you gonna re-coat it?
i feel your pain dude. Go get a Witcomb now!

[e] said...

ouchhhh. Thanks for tips.Time for a new one? Cinelli is calling ur name mate. ;p

}i{ said...

LOL it's not that noticeable now - I got most of the glue residue off and there is a little paint damage but nothin too scary.