Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I wish

I have

all for collection.

Nice tool too. Here from G.S. GucciLife

They make me feel really helpless.
They really do... #$%&@#&$%&!!!



Anonymous said...

what kinda tool is that supposed to be? sorry, that i ask, but never seen it before. :)

® said...

Better explanation here dude:

® said...

btw, hope you're alright. how's riding? been busy with your illustration projects lately?

Anonymous said...

oh, i see. man, there are so many nice bicycle-tools, which make it much your repairing-life much easier, compared to just hammering it off, down, on, or in. ha!

man, i tell ya. i've been busy as fuck. i am somewhere in the middle of a couple of jobs (which is nice due to the payment), doing my final exams, and working on some stuff for contests. haven't been this busy in a while, but it's also good in a way. i need this kinda rush to actually work, and produce. - regarding the riding part: recently did a long tour on the panasonic, 60km. i didn't this far on a track-bike before. might not be much for some, but my knees were aching quite a bit afterwards. yet, i am hungry for more, and with the cash from the jobs it's time to finish up my road frame as well as upgrade some parts to make the pana somewhat more comfy.

thanks fr the interest, pal. haha

® said...

that's pretty awesome actually.[on both end] 60km. dude you really should get that roadie fixed asap and whack 100km above. Hey I am actually thinking of building a roadie too. I've seen those guys whiz past me on weekends while i do my run. They look kinda fun though but nothing's confirmed. Cash is the only issue. And Cinelli SuperCosa is sweet... haha

talking about contest, i actually plan to have a go at the Muji contest but each year I will somehow find an excuse to miss it. This year too is due to my work load. Real. I'll try next one.

good luck with your pursue. show me that road one soon.

[e] said...

Don't think i can do long distant with track bikes. unless with good company else those knees will be complainnig like a bitch for every rpm.

Ah don't forget bout the Uniqlo UT grand prix 09 too



Anonymous said...

ah, good to hear i am not the only one, who's knees g bitching above 30km. :D

hey, look... another t-shirt contest. hehe. man, there are many of those out there.


Its cool to see your own items sprading all over the internet....:P

® said...

Ha! Discounts next time for us ;)


Free shipping on tools!ps:i mispelled "spreading"