Tuesday, 8 July 2008


As we all know they do bikes that erm.. break in halves.
Well it all serves a purpose for those who wants to go everywhere
with their... Yes! Bike! Easy storage definitely but I don't know if they
withstand all those crazy stunts that a lot of you guys do out there.
I guess it does as they're now concentrating on FGs and best of all

if you're getting a Freeman Transport frameset, you'll get this
really nice bike bag which I like so much. Sweetness.

Anyways, I have started my search again
and found a pair of sweet Rigida's high polished 36H.
But I'm left with a dilemma. Period. Both 700s or 650/700?
Seen dozens fork but nothing catches my eye just yet.
I want a nasty lil' b*%&*! and ID won't give me his. Hehe...

I will be posting my Soma Delancey frameset up for sale very soon.
Hopefully. Ah... c'mon guys I'm terribly busy now.
Maybe the whole bike. Maybe not.
So anyone interested let me know with an offer.



[e] said...

I rike the bag!

Anonymous said...

stop doing this to urself! the ciocc is not worth the pain. now a nice red pinarello or such would do you much nicer? huh? i care about you and the pain and can not take it anymore this is why i am willing to take the pain off ur hands!


® said...

ohh... at last someone feeling my pain... and willing to take th pain off me... NOW gimme that Fork!!! Hahaha.... yea been searching but they are either to short or plain ugly. Mostly too short.

[e] : bag is on!but kinda useless for us tho unless you wanna smuggle some birds back home... now we're talking... birds... hehe