Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I have been checking out a lot...

Tandem! I have no idea why and how I got an interest with it
but it just grew, eventually. But somehow... [pause]...
I think I can do some finger-pointing on this very bad influence
towards this evil-rock-and-roll-bike-loving-blog-head-nerd that
I've never met in person but in contact through this virtual world.
In fact this whole vintage bike thing is from him and his evil doing...
Hahaha... but I must thank him for all his bad-ass influence on me
or somehow may be on all of us. Some nice bikes from Alan's blog.

Sweet classic Paramount

Thanet Silverlight

[e] and myself have been debating about road bikes lately.
Well not really a debate but purely our own opinions.
As we all know road bikes, yea... road bikes, they come in massive loads of stuff
and that gear count itself will drive you up the wall. Not to mention expensive too.
If that gear needs fixing... imagine how messy it can be?
Cables, gears, more gears and levers on the bike itself?
I do agree with that having a whole world of chaotic chain reaction in a bike
is not the smartest design. But it can be minimized/simplified without a doubt.
Though it will still be rear heavy and non-aggressive comparing to a
Of cos you can't compare to a fixed gear/single-speed.
I once bought a used and run down Raleigh for
50 bucks in the 80's is a lot for a poor student like me but very reasonable for a
'whatever i can't recall the gear count'-speed road bike. Was it 8?
Went through everything from scrapping off the ugly red paint, undercoat,
new colour coat with at least 4 metallic cans and a can of clear coat,
free new raleigh decals from where my grandpa works [he was an accountant
for a very old bike shop] and some parts replacement all done in the backyard.
Rode it for a good solid year with a lot of miles too and sold it off for
I love that bike but I let it go for some stupid reason...
Anyways some nice roadies below. There are more but I'm not getting paid to put all up...
and just might offend some non-road bikes fans out there ;)
Go google.

Fausto Coppi

Centurion Lemans '83

Wilier Triestina '86



[e] said...

Vulgar!! :P

They're nice. but don't think i'll use any of those gears really and look at those messy cables :S

[e] said...

hmm... this might fit into the push bikes world of "Hello I'm mac. Hello I'm PC." campaign.

® said...
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® said...

haha... they're just bikes :)