Sunday, 6 May 2007

Welcome Craig

Hello Craigy. Welcome to The Rotten Club.

Craig is one of the cool dude working at where I am. He's riding a single speed Specialized Langster. I believed he's fixed(wheel) now. Time to get some tricks up our sleeves.




® said...

Since you're Eric's mate then I assume you'd be mine too :)

Yea Craig, welcome to The Rotten Club! Eric will be giving you a banana today. It's a custom here.
Ask him for one today with TRC drawn on it. Post it once you've gotten it.

BeeV said...


Huhuhhu..that's not fair!!! Where's my BANANA?!!! I only got bnn dancing...

not fair....
-beever d mistreated member :( -

Craig said...

thanks kids... its nice to be onboard :0)

® said...

> beev: hey it's not my fault you didn't get a bnn. ask [e] for a bunch.