Sunday, 6 May 2007

First (short) skid stop (^.^)

After spending some time getting myself familiarised with my ride (+ after watching numerous videos on how to skid stop), I've gathered myself to try my first skid stop. Check links for vids.

Need more practice on getting the posture right and need bigger balls to lean forward more to get some bigger skids. Just realised 1 thing, my handle + headset seem to be quite high compare to the regular dudes' thus making it harder to lean forward but I reckon more practice will enable me to do it more gracefully.

So far i'm quite happy with my progress. Next try will be in the car park. ;)

Action: skidding (lots of strain on legs + weight on arms)
Need to lean forward more... but not as easy, almost flip over couple of times trying that.

Beever's attempt to capture skid in still - looks kinda nice.

Click links for vid.
First skid

More to come ^^ I'm knackered now!

Special thanks to Beever for being a photographer and instructor - She said this to me, "You need to do it more gracefully". I'm tryingggggg.


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Craig said...

keep up the good work [e]