Saturday, 19 May 2007

Primo gripo

Latest cosmetic adjusted to stinger. Since day one, I've despised those white patches on my ride but knowing that I won't be changing the colour anytime soon, I have to accept them. After some studies on the colour combinations I have on my fixed, i reckon having a set of white / black grips will complement those white patches. Creating a 3 core colourways: Black / white / yellow (gold)

I've picked Primo Cresent grip - Black / white combo.

(pic from

The (minor)make over does make it looks much better ;)

Coming up next:

Azonic Shorty Stem 50mm
Chainrings / sprockets(c0g) - gear ratio tempering. 46/18 (2.6:1) = 69" lighter for messing about as compared to current 73" (46/17), skid patches = 9



® said...

It looks slick with primo. Beefier I must say... care to get your bro one and mail 'em over?

[e] said...

Sure no problemo. ^^