Monday, 7 May 2007


I have been waiting in vain... no calls from front desk lady, no postman stepping in
to drop my package or even, just even dropping the collection card,
no emails since he said he would with info [sent = 2 / reply = 0], no shipping details,
no huge box to collect, nothing... except frustrations piling up.
I'm running thin towards people who have no sense of responsibility.
At least, be honest with me... if there aren't any infos just spill it out or
I lied to you about shipping and I stole your money and etc. etc. So I can move on.
It has been 17days and running since the shipment went out and a month,
YES, ONE MONTH since I purchased it. Ridiculously long and it feels like...

Oh well, needed to vent. Good things will come to those who wait?
I really hope so too and prayers.

My best expression to how i feel right now [pic above]

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[e] said...

Sorry bro. I know the feeling. lets hope this wk is a good one. Lets keep our faith, good things come to those who wait...

I'd suggest give him a ring if you have his no. to find out what's going on. If all else fail, make a complaint via ebay. Last resort :(


BeeV said...

Aww Rich, i'm so sorry. Soon, soon, it will come. Amen