Wednesday, 23 April 2008

What happened to Spring?

Looks like we have completely missed the Spring this year. 2 weeks ago, we had snow and yesterday we have our first taste of the Summer. Temperature were 16-18 degrees, it was puuurrrfffeeecctttt - we took a slow ride up to Regent's park for a beer or two. It was lovely.

Soon Craiggy will be joining us up here @ North London. Infact the more you chaps and ladies out there to join us the merrier! Lets hope this sunshine last!!!!



Craig said...

i want a beer :0/

[e] said...

haha maybe friday? :D

Shite weather tmo!!!!

® said...

picture perfect postcard. "wish you were here" yea i really do.

7am/thurs/04/08: not looking good here too on my first day of being free.