Tuesday, 29 April 2008


I'll be away for awhile to sort some stuffs,
not a summer break [there's no such thing as summer
over here anyways] just a break from my hectic work & some quality
time with my family and my princess before I start my new job.

[e], Craig and }i{ will keep you guys posted. And yes, [e],
please do remind the dude from BLB of my 650c with a
long enough steerer. Fingers x'd. Thanks.


p/s: I'm thinking of selling my SOMA DELANCEY [super coated white]
Anyone interested from KL/M'sia or S'pore???


Joshua said...

sup . bro i'm looking for a fix gear bike. budget around Rm 500 . do u think u can hook me up?
Email me at j0shiyap@gmail.com

terrence said...

dude...you can't even get a decent wheel with RM 500.

the best bet for a budget is a conversion. check out the late sheldon brown's site. you'll get the idea

btw what size is the soma?


® said...

terrence is right.
it's difficult to get MYR500 bike.
go scout around and go for a conversion if budget is tight.

BB-Top of seat tube :54cm
T/T C/C [effective]: 55cm
T/T C-C [actual]: 54.6cm

TerrenceTerrenceTerrence said...

selling the whole bike or jsut the frame?

thinking of trying a steel lugged frame. although another bike and my wife will divorce me


[e] said...

haha. At least it's a healthy addiction!

What do you ride mate?


® said...

hey T, it's frame only. i have no idea how much yet tho.

terrence said...

i ride a jamie roy. but seriously looking for more of a clean frame deviod of any cable bosses water btl mounts and rear brake mounts. since i dun use it.

the angus looks like a good deal though. nothing but good things to say about IRO bikes.

it's either that or a used njs frame.