Saturday, 26 April 2008

Rossin Pursuit Frame.

I've been looking for a pursuit frame since the beginning of the year.Last Friday, a call to BLB and guess what?! They actually have one of this 80's Rossin pursuit frame. Only 12 made by Mario Rossin himself.

Unfortunately, Yann (spelling?) the owner is not too ready to let it go and asked me to call him again in a week or two. >.<" I WANNTTT ITTT!!! Lets hope he's ready then. Will update.

Rossin Performance E1.
Check out the fork, that weird bit jutting out from it - was for handlebar.
*Sorry for the poor quality picture. havent got my digicam w/ me >.<"*

Bianchi Vintage track.
One of the rare frame BLB holds. He's definitely not letting this one go. Sadly

Some nice second campy cranksets.



Anonymous said...

can you post the name of the shop where you found that frame? just curious! hehehehe


® said...

ID is a bad boy! ;)

[e] said...

I can tell you ID but I have to kill you... >.<"


® said...

what's the damage for the campy on left? i'm sure they will cost a fortune, for me that is.

[e] said...

Can find out for ya. Did ask for 650c fork for you. All gone. Think most likely he'll stock rossin / cinelli 650c 700c. doubt he has any ciocc.

However he's going to Italy this wk and so lets hope he gets some back. Will keep you posted ;)

® said...

appreciate it. do remind him again on the chromed 650c whether rossin or cinelli. as long it's steel for my 52 bad boy.